Songwriter’s Association Of Canada – Week 4 Challenge – Viper In A Velvet Dress

Write An EDGY Pop Country Song

This weeks challenge was issued by professional songwriter Ron Irving. Our task was to write an EDGY Country Pop Song. Below is the criteria we were to follow:

Target: Male artist, early 20s. No mention of marriage or kids.  No references to “partying at the lake”, “trucks and tailgates” and no “bro country” vibe.

Method: If you have been collaborating for the previous 3 challenges, change it up and write this one by yourself.  If you have been writing alone for the most of the past 3 challenges, write this one with a co-writer or two.

Tempo: Stretch yourself by writing opposite of your comfort zone.  If you usually stay with up-tempo tracks – chill out and write a ballad.  If you usually write ballads, set the tempo for at least 120 on this one.
Words On The Process Of Writing This Tune
I had been fooling around with double drop d tuning for awhile and actually had a melody recorded on my iphone I had titled “Country Rocker” as a reference so I could refer back to it if I ever felt inclined to write a country rock tune. When I saw that Ron was looking for an edgy pop country tune I figured I’d dust it off.
I dabbled with some different song ideas and ended up landing on the idea of a temptress. I wrote for a few hours on my plane ride back from PEI and came up with some great ideas and then the following day while waiting for my car to be serviced I finalized the lyrics.
I do not sing like a country rocker so I found it very challenging to get the vocals I was looking for. The “Twang” gods helped me out though 🙂 My guitar player Ben Comeau then came over today and laid down some dirty guitar to edge it up a bit.
I hope you enjoy it 🙂
Till next time,

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